About Us




BRŌQ International is a clothing brand that was created for surfers by surfers. #Go4BRŌQ


BRŌQ International is a brand founded by a crew of surfers who live and surf in Florida. Our quest began in the late eighties when we caught our first waves as Grommets. We never forgot the rush and have been chasing that same feeling ever since. And we plan to chase that same feeling until the day we die.


Our surfing heritage isn’t glamorous. Our backyard growing up wasn’t Pipeline or Sunset or Bells Beach or Margaret River or Blacks or Trestles. We didn’t have a choice between beach breaks, point breaks or reef breaks. Our backyard was the West Coast of Florida located on a body of water known as the Gulf of Mexico where only fickle beach breaks exist. And by the way, we maybe had a hundred days of rideable surf out of the year. And eighty of those rideable days consisted of 1-2 foot wind chop. While everyone else in the world was excited for offshore winds we were hoping for onshore winds which would equal a rideable wave at our local break. When we were growing up we didn’t have a desktop computer or iPhone where we could track the latest swells. If the wind was blowing out the west at least 15 mph we would cruise to the beach to see if it there was something to ride. And nine times out of ten, there was nothing. Our surf trips didn’t consist of road trips down to Baja or flights to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indo or Hawaii. Our surf trips consisted of waking up a 5 am rummaging under the couch cushions for gas money and making the 2 ½ hour drive to Florida’s east coast where we could score a dawn patrol session of glassy 2-3 foot waves. We have gone to great lengths to catch waves over the years in the fickle and sometimes challenging surf conditions that arise on Florida’s coasts. We have always made the most out of every wave we catch. Whether it's knee high wind chop or head high a-frames we have a “Go for BRŌQ” mentality.


We grew up, got careers, and had families but one thing in our lives remained constant: SURFING. We never stopped surfing and never will. Go for BRŌQ.